Caprine Culinary
Copyright 1999 - Linda L. Rigsbee
​    Caprine culinary made simple. This collection of recipes will give the beginner goat owner an impressive start. From appetizer to main course or desert, guests will discover that goat products can be delightful in something besides soap. 
    Added are a few goat myth busters and tips on how to keep your products fresh and tasty.


I bought my first goat when we moved to a farmstead in Cave Springs, Arkansas. I was told that goat milk would be beneficial for both my ulcers and allergies. It was.
Information about goats was hard to find back then but I loved research. Before long, people were coming to me with their “goat questions”. I began publishing a newsletter I named “Goat Udderings” on a monthly basis. In the 5-year period between 1986 and 1990, the non-profit newsletter went from local to national and then international on little more than word-of-mouth advertising.
I have tried all the recipes in this book. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Linda L. Rigsbee

​In 1984 we purchased 8.5 acres of brush choked hills near Cave Springs, Arkansas. I had suffered from ulcers for years and heard goat milk might help. That was why I purchased goats, but information about goats was difficult to find. Back then we didn't have internet. I read every book I could get my hands on about goats and checked with the county offices. After a while I had compiled enough information that people were calling me. That was when I decided to start a little newsletter. I published it once a month for 5 years before we moved to Rogers, Arkansas due to health issues.
Some of my subscribers told me that they were so eager to get the newsletter that they sat down and read it as soon as they received it. I learned a lot about goats in that time, and I tried a lot of recipes. I have put some of my recipes in this book as well as information about goat care and handling of the milk that will improve the quality.

Author, Linda Rigsbee

Goat Milk
       Cheese Dip
       Cottage Cheese
       Distilled Vinegar Cheese
       Easy Cider Vinegar Cheese
       Fetta Cheese
       Hard Goat Milk Cheese
       Quick Cottage Cheese
       Soft Buttermilk Cheese
    Ice Cream & Sherbet
    Blanc Mange (Cornstarch Pudding)
    Peanut Butter Fudge

Goat Meat - (Chevon)
   Cured Meat
   Summer Sausage
   Sage Sausage
   Curried Chevon
   Chevon BBQ
   Sweet/Sour Meat Balls
   Chevon Burritos
   Chevon Meal Burgers

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Caprine Culinary