1/2 gallon whole goat milk
1/2 cup starter (activated plain yogurt - no citric)
4 tbsp powdered skim milk

Mix powdered milk in whole milk, and heat to 180 degrees F.
Remove from heat and let milk cool to 110 degrees F. (Important: If milk is too warm, it will curdle.). Pour into heat-resistant bowl, and stir in starter.
Cover and keep at constant approx. 104 degrees F.
Cover with blankets and towels, and do not disturb or peek for 4 hours. (No light should be on the yogurt during the culturing process, as it will destroy the vitamin B2.)
At the end of the four-hour wait, it should be yogurt.
To make a thicker yogurt, paper towels may be placed on the top of the yogurt to absorb the whey.

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